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HomeUncategorisedPreholiday Stress (P.H.S) getting you down this summer?
Preholiday Stress (P.H.S) getting you down this summer?
Preholiday Stress (P.H.S) getting you down this summer?

Home improvement projects piling up after the year and a long to-do-list? The holiday season is approaching fast, which means prepping your home for the in-laws or get-togethers with friends.    Mica Pinelands has some great ideas to help you tackle these pre-holiday stressful home improvement project like painting, cleaning the pool and sorting out the garden. 

Get started by following these quick easy home improvement tips below.

Tip #1.
Try painting an accent wall in the family / guest room

Deck your house with paint from Mica Pinelands!  If you want to freshen up a living room, bedroom or any other room in the house, an accent wall can do wonders.  You don’t need to paint and entire room to get that look you are after.  You could just offset one wall in the room to instantly transform your abode.

Get down to Mica Pinelands for all your paint requirements or speak to one of our paint specials for some great ideas.

Tip #2
How to shock treat your pool in six easy steps.

In-laws booked to come visit you over the holidays and you are too embarrassed to open the pool cover, afraid of what you might find.  For a clear and sparkling pool with water that’s safe to swim in, here is a tip from Mica Pinelands on how to get your pool from murky to clean.

Let’s get started with a shock treatment:

  • To keep yourself safe, make sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear before working with any chemicals. Stick to the product label instructions.
  • The pH level must be between 7.2 and 7.8, and that your pool’s pump is running.
  • Always remember to sprinkle the shock treatment product in the deepest end of the pool
  • Evenly spread any granules that have settled at the bottom of the pool.
  • Lastly, wait until the chlorine levels are between 1 and 4 ppm before diving into your pool.
  • Note:  Add the shock treatment in the evening for maximum effect.

Now you are ready to uncover that sparkling pool.  

Tip #3  Give your garden a quick fix

Give your garden an instant uplift by mowing the grass.  It’s also an effective way to promote growth.  The best time to mow your lawn is in the early evening and remember to set your lawnmower at the highest level. 

Create beautiful spaces in your garden by removing old patchy, brown grass or underneath a tree by replacing it with some paving / stones. 

Tip #4    Make the small things count

Have your house looking modern and fresh by replacing small things in your home like doorknobs and locks.  It’s simple and can easily be done before the holidays. Replacing outdated fixtures, which can make your home look drab and old.  Mica Pinelands will have your home looking great with these quick touch ups. 

Remember to check out some our previous garden blogs on building a planter box for your garden or how to make mulch. Contact Mica Pinelands for all your garden requirements or speak to one of our professionals for some great ideas. 021 531 2566

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