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Springtime Gardening & Pool Care Tips
Springtime Gardening & Pool Care Tips

It’s chore time! Put the Spring back into your step as there are plenty of garden tasks that need to be handled. We are firm believers that gardening should add joy and not stress to your life. Tackle your garden bit by bit and make your neighbors envious and not to mention your favourite place to relax, with our useful tips below…

Spring is the perfect time to assess winter damage from sorting out your garden tools, tending your lawn, pool, essential pruning and adding layer of mulch.

Refresh the lawn

If you have lawn Spring is a very good time to turn your attention to your turf. Lawns can be fertilized organically by using compost or mulching. For those of you who prefer chemical fertilizers Mica Pinelands has a range of fertilizers in store to sort out all your turf needs. Keep in mind that expert’s advice a lighter fertilizer in Spring and a heavier one in Autumn. Too much fertilizer can lead to weed problems. A thorough cleanup of your lawn also includes racking up all those old leaves, dog litter and dead grass.

Prepare flower Beds

Spring cleanup in the flower beds begin with removing any dead leaves and stalks. Digging the soil adds oxygen and adding compost to jump start your plants is very important. The best time to prune your shrubs and plants are immediately after blooming, which is normally late spring. After pruning, one of the best parts about gardening is selecting new plants and trees to fill up those gaps in the garden.

How to make mulch
One of the easiest things to do in a garden is Mulch. It’s is great in the garden as it prevents soil erosion and keeps moisture in the ground to help with water saving over the summer season. You can make your own mulch by chop organic matter around the garden such as tree branches, bark, wood chips, grass clippings and trimmings and even finished compost.

Pool clean up

The warmer weather means it’s time to open up your swimming pool again. When it comes to pools, you can’t just open the cover and plunge right in.

Here are a few maintenance tips:

Remove the debris and scrub it down:
Remove all debris on the cover that has built up over the winter period. Then scrub the dirt and grime off the sides and steps of the pool. You will need to skim the top of the surface and remove dead leaves and anything else that has fallen in.

Check the filtration system to make sure that is in good condition. Once this is done run the filtration system and backwash the filters, then replace the filters. There are a few other little things that will need to be sorted out like clean the skimmers, pump baskets and the bags.

Follow the proper instruction and shock the pool with larger doses of chlorine. This removes algae and bacteria that have built up over the winter months.

Finally, check the water balance,
We recommend an alkalinity of 80 to 120 ppm and pH of 7.2 to 7.6. To test this, use a test kit.
Mica Pinelands has a huge range of pool equipment. Our range includes pool filters, pumps, chlorine and start kids. Our pool specialists are always on standby to answer
any questions.

The Veggie Garden

In the veggie garden it’s time to plant seed potatoes. Plant out seedlings of tomatoes, chillies, peppers and eggplants as well as lettuces, cabbages, beetroot, spinach and chard. Sow seed of all the pumpkin family, dwarf beans, runner beans, maize and sweetcorn.

Plant fruiting crops in your vegetable patch, such as, aubergine and peppers, and tropical fruits like bananas and pawpaws. Plant young citrus and sub-tropical fruit trees like avocados, mangoes and litchis. Stake them after planting and protect them from sunburn with temporary shade structure over the young tree.

Plant out young plants of all the different basil types. Also sow sweet basil and coriander seed regularly. Prune back any aggressive herbs and fertilise the entire herb garden.

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